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Bunion Surgery and Hammer Toe Surgery

Rochester Podiatry LLP specializes in bunion and hammer toe surgery. The goal of surgery is to relieve pain and correct as much deformity as possible. The surgery is not cosmetic and is not meant to improve the appearance of the foot. There are many different types of bunion surgeries and the type performed depends on the severity of the bunion. Wart and Corn Removal

Do you have a hammer toe? This is a condition in which the toe becomes buckled, contracted or crooked. Some people don't even realize they have one. Pain from a hammer toe could be dull and mild, or sharp and severe. Shoes often make the pain worse because they crowd your toes. With surgery, we can straighten your hammer toe depending on its severity. We can remove a portion of the bone at the contracted joint in order to realign the toe.

Maybe you have a bunion? A bunion is a visible bump on the side of the big toe which looks and feels painfully swelled. Surgery is recommended if your bunion limits you from activities, you have difficulty wearing shoes, or for cosmetic concerns. At Rochester Podiatry, we will remove the swollen tissue from the joint, remove part of the bone to straighten the toe, and permanently join the bones of the big toe joint.

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